Patrick Garrett Pavesi

I am a Senior Software Engineer (Frontend/Fullstack) based in Queens, NY. I enjoy building applications with Vue, React, TypeScript, Node.js, and other technologies.

I currently work at Vidrovr as a Senior Software Engineer (Frontend). Vidrovr uses AI and machine learning to completely transform the ways businesses use, store, and share visual, audio and image data.

Previously I worked as a Frontend Engineer II at Zola, building wedding websites, registries, and more for couples all over the world. Before that I worked as a Frontend Engineer at nuTravel (rebranded as Traverse), building booking and business travel applications for airlines like Delta, WestJet, Air Canada, and more.

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[ "patrickgpavesi@gmail.com", "Github", "LinkedIn" ]

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[ "HTML", "CSS", "Sass", "Less", "Emotion.js", "styled-components", "JavaScript", "TypeScript", "Node.js", "Vue.js", "React", "Next.js", "Jest" "Ruby", "Ruby on Rails", "Python", "Django", "git" ]

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[ "Programming", "Web Development", "Tabletop role-playing games", "Videogames", "Star Wars", "Running", "Reading" ]

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